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“My dream is to create and offer a unique and beautiful option for all. Whether is it a robe or a table runner, I want people to have an exclusive and gorgeous option that makes a statement and simultaneously is completely authentic!”

Though I have worn all manner of hats, I’m having a great time creating our unique and remarkable lifestyle brand from my studio in Northeast Atlanta. I encourage myself and my team to operate from their unique voices as I start with my unending inspiration of a life full of fascinating people and world travel.

I was raised in the southeastern United States and influenced by French and Scandinavian heritage. Looking back the diversity of interests and people in our lives is amazing. As children, we had the great opportunity to know so many amazing people: art historians, artists, horse farmers, wild and woolly gardeners, ceramic designers, “ad men” and ambassadors! We traveled and were educated in the open air, theaters and museum. It was fantastic and I am filled with my own translations of what life was and is.

I studied printing making, weaving, wearable textiles and painting. I deeply hold onto and take inspiration from nature, art history and my mentors. You may be able to spot some of the influences from the garden as well as Japanese Block prints, Renaissance art and modern painters in my work.

My offerings in our Resort Wear Kimono, signature art print Silk and Silk/Cashmere scarves as well as an unique and unmatched line of Home Goods have been created to make a beautiful and undeniable lifestyle option. Everything I offer has been created from my original artwork, thus, “Livable, Wearable, ART”. I also collaborates to create unique looks for clients, which is fantastically fun for everyone involved. Clients are freed to make their vision a reality and we love getting to know you!

You ARE invited to, not just look, but join me in creating a more unique and beautiful life.


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