Artists Love a Challenge

Give me a project or a challenge. I love it.  Artists can’t get enough of this.  Sometimes we’re really connected to our internal muse and sometimes we are called externally.  I’ve often thought that some continue with a MFA because the connection to the challenge and its environs are so essential.

Thus, I have done some of the coolest projects for little or no pay, just to be in the flow, the challenge of creation, especially when my children were young.  It allowed me connection with my heart and soul.  It helped me remember who I am all the while telling the world.

This is one of the 50 birds I created that were hung with hand-made string lanterns to decorate a gala a few years ago.  The idea came from Christmas ornaments my children were making out of folded paper.  These birds were all done with super unique wrapping papers and foam-core.  It was so awesome and beautiful.

You get my point.  Connect to yourself in whatever way is possible.  Don’t judge yourself.  Your only payment may simply be the joy of doing (this time) and maybe that’s just good enough.  Only you know.