Embracing Paradox

The term Paradox is from the Greek word “paradoxon” that means contrary to expectations, existing belief or perceived opinion. It is a statement that appears to be self-contradictory or silly but may include a latent truth. It is also used to illustrate an opinion or statement contrary to accepted traditional ideas. A paradox is often used to make a reader think over an idea in innovative way.

When you are on the right road, on your path, you will know it. I have this great story about my daughter that really illustrates this.  I have had similar experiences but I didn’t see most of them until I was much further down the road.   Isn’t it so much easier to see things in other people’s lives or a long time after they happen?

Well my daughter is 17 and studying voice and classical music.  This includes sacred songs, opera and other “art” songs.  She is a coloratura soprano.  But how she got here has been amazing.

Throughout school music was a big part of her life (she attended a Waldorf grade and middle school.)  They sang a lot, they played a string instrument, as well as recorder.  But there was never any recognized talent.  When she was in 8th grade she wanted to audition for a school with a drama program.  So I contacted Nichol, a family friend who is an amazing and well trained singer.  I thought it would help my daughter to learn to project her voice.  So Nichol started doing scales with Sallie and it was she who discovered that she had and incredible range.  And together they found that singing and music are my daughters great passion.  And she is amazing!   Nichol has since turned her over to her next teacher who came to us as effortlessly as Nichol did.  We also, on one recommendation, found a wonderful mentor and piano teacher….The summer voice program called her within hours of her application to accept her and offer her a merit scholarship.

What is the point of this story?  When in doubt really look at it.  It isn’t that Sallie hasn’t worked hard but at the same time it has been effortless.   The more I really look at things the more I realize that all of the really important stuff is a paradox, an odd juxtaposition.

I’m trying to see grace when it comes to me instead of years later.  Miracles happens all the time, minute to minute, we just have to be awake.

What a Miracle!