Floral Kimonos for Women

are a classic boost for your wardrobe.  Whether you are dressing it up for an elegant night out or bringing your vibe to jeans, you can achieve a simply stunning look and feel with Sara Anderson’s floral kimonos. Our Kimono are the perfect statement piece, or a luxurious lounge piece straight from the design studio of Sara Andersons.  Not only are Sara Anderson Kimono created from her artwork, they are also limited edition. Usually retiring a design after two years, Sara keeps her signature Kimono fresh and collectible.  You might think that one art Kimono is enough…”It is such a great way for me to create self-expression and a look uniquely my own.  I own 5.”, shared one client/collector.


Where Should I Wear a Floral Kimono Robe?

With Sara Andersons beautiful floral and nature inspired designs paired with luxurious fabrics, you can find the perfect floral kimono robe. Drape yourself in a floral kimono at the beach, after yoga, or discover the floral bathrobe of your dreams.

Floral Silk Kimonos for Loungewear

Discover the simple elegance of a beautiful silk robe to compliment your favorite outfit. Whether you wear it over a dress, or a nice pair of jeans it will draw eyes, and conversation to Sara Andersons artfully designed Silk Kimonos

Floral kimonos for Evening Wear

Discover the accent piece you’ve been looking for.  A flower kimono is a beautiful way to bring the splendor of nature and feel an effortless glamour into your life and wardrobe.

Floral Kimonos for Sale

Discover Sara Anderson

Sara designed her Kimono for every woman and any situation.  Although available in Silk and Silk/Satin her stock is available in Viscose. 

Why viscose?  “Viscose is a wonderful blended fabric bringing the best of a synthetic and natural material to make a great product.  Viscose travels beautifully whether you are pulling it out of your yoga bag or your suitcase. We wanted this Kimono to making living a beautiful life easy.

Livable, Wearable Art inspired by the bounty of nature turned into her signature beautiful floral silk kimono robes. Sara designs this kimono as part of her approach to a lifestyle brand from her studio in Northeast Atlanta. Creating from her experiences, history and authentic aesthetic. Sara has been inspired by a life full of fascinating people, world travel, the rich culture of her upbringing in the Southern United as well as her French and Scandinavian heritage. Learn more, check out additional kimonos for sale or Contact Sara Anderson.